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The BIG Easter update - A new game creation section and lots of new tools!

posted 30 Mar 2010, 12:16 by Paul Andrews   [ updated 30 Mar 2010, 12:22 by Paul Andrews ]

For reasons that I won't bore you with it's been a while since I've been in a position to update the website.

So over the Easter break I've added added all the nice websites & bits of software that I've come across over the last few months but were unable to add to the site at the time.

As there are a lot of updates, I'll just post the pages that have been updated and then provide a list of all the things that have been added to that specific page.

So take a deep breath...

NEW PAGE ADDED: Game Creation

On this page you'll find links to websites and free bits of software that allow you and your students to create video games, which can be educational - or not!

That's all for now!