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One click screen recording, How Moodle can change a school & the PDF tools page has been revamped

posted 7 Apr 2009, 07:52 by Paul Andrews   [ updated 7 Apr 2009, 07:55 by Paul Andrews ]

Some more resources for you to check out:
  • Screen castle has been added to the Screen Grabbing & Recording page.

    Another website that let's you record your screen. The unique thing about this site is that there is just one button to press, so it's very easy to use.

  • How Moodle can change a school has been added to the Moodle Guides page

    This is the first of 2 videos made by The video was made by Tomaz Lasic author of the excellent Human site & shows how the standard features of Moodle are used by classroom teachers in high school settings.

    Part 2 shows the changes that establishment of Moodle has sparked, enabled and encouraged around the school.

  • The PDF Tools page has been overhauled

    It now contains links to many different types of PDF tools.