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Office 2007 cheat Sheets, Easy linking to PDF files & 2 nice PowerPoint add-ins

posted 21 Sep 2009, 06:59 by Paul Andrews   [ updated 21 Sep 2009, 07:00 by Paul Andrews ]
Added to Microsoft Office 2007 Guides page:

Printable "Cheat Sheets".

Custom guide has released printable PDF guides for many popular applications, inclusing Office 2007 - you can access them all here:

Added to the PDF Tools page:

Embed or Link to PDFs easily

If you want someone else to read a PDF easily then you can upload it to Google Docs so they can read it on any piece of on-line enabled hardware, without having to have a PDF reader installed.

If the PDF is already hosted online somewhere else then you can use Google's Embeddable Document viewer to allow your recipient(s) to view the PDF document online easily. This also works with Power Points presentations that have been uploaded somewhere!

Added to the Presentation Tools page:
  • YouTube Video Add In - Similar to Authorstream this lets you insert YouTube videos into Powerpoint slides, this one is useful to use if you already know the URL of the video you want to use. If you want to search for a video withough leaving Powerpoint, then use AuthorStream.

  • LiveWeb - Another free Powerpoint add-in, this one lets you insert a live webpage into a powerpoint slide.