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Lots of new #free #tools & #resources for #teachers & #businesses!

posted 7 Jul 2015, 04:05 by Paul Andrews

Hi all!

We are back once again with another collection of free tools & utilities which can make your working life easier.  

New resources for Educators

e've added a number of new sections to the site, the first of which being a new section to the 'Free Resources for Educators' section called Noise Level Monitors.  

On this page you'll find free tools and resources that you can use to monitor and display the noise level of a class, so far we've added two free tools that do this:

Our second new section is called 'Computer control' and here you will find free tools that let educators see what's going on in computer-labs and show a demo to pupils on the machines they are using, so far we only have one free entry on this list but more are coming...

Our final new section for educators covers the emerging topic of 3D printing, we expect this one to grow rapidly over the coming months and years but for now it contains just one resource:

Lastly we've added some new resources to the following existing pages:

New resources for businesses

We've also added a new resource to the e-commerce tools section for businesses:

  • Open Cart - this is a free an open source solution, although you will need to host it on your own web server, or hire a server to host it for you.

That's all for now.

Thanks for reading.