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Google Groups & Screencast-O-Matic added.

posted 28 Sep 2008, 12:44 by Paul Andrews   [ updated 28 Sep 2008, 12:45 by Paul Andrews ]

Two small updates today:
  1. I've added Google Groups to the Discussion Forums page - this is because if you or your colleagues/students are already using various Google services it's one less set of login details to remember to access your forum.

  2. Screencast-O-Matic has been added to the Screen Grabbing & Recording page - this is quite a nice site because it lets you make and then upload screencasts using software that runs from the browser - so you don't need to download or install anything onto your computer - very handy if you don't have admin rights on your work machines...
And finally I've re-jigged the layout of the Screen Grabbing & Recording page to give JING a higher profile - as it's brilliant and certainly worth checking out over and above all the other solutions on offer on that page.

Thanks for reading.