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3 new sites added & the 3D worlds page overhauled.

posted 10 Nov 2008, 11:34 by Paul Andrews   [ updated 10 Nov 2008, 11:41 by Paul Andrews ]
Hello! Three new sites have been added:
  • Twuffer has been added to the Twitter page - Twuffer allows the Twitter user to compose a list of future messages, and schedule their release.
  • Catch YouTube has been added to the YouTube tools page - CatchYouTube enables you to convert YouTube videos into any number of different video and audio formats and then to download these to your computer. It's free and very simple to use.

  • Assist-IT has been added to the Accessibility page - This is a large collection of free downloadable software to support learners with additional needs providing independent access to a computer.
Also the "3D Worlds & Websites" page has been renamed and updated. It's now just called the "3D Worlds" page and it consists of just two links, the first to Google Lively and the second to Second Life.

This is because I felt there were too many links to 3D websites that didn't offer as much as Lively & SL and so were non essential, hence the cut. Hopefully the 3D worlds page is now more straightforward and easy to use, "Less is more" as they say.