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3 new free image resources & a new way to link to specific parts of YouTube videos

posted 3 Jun 2009, 04:31 by Paul Andrews   [ updated 3 Jun 2009, 04:32 by Paul Andrews ]
Added to the YouTube Tools page:

  • Tubechop - Similar to the previously added Splicd and YouTubetime, this site lets you create a link to a specific part of a Youtube video, so students don't need to watch the whole thing in order to get to the bit you want them to see.

Added to the Royalty Free Images page:

  • Yahoo Creative Commons Image Search - By using the creative commons filter built into Yahoo's image search you can find royalty free images that you can make use of for free.

    You can jump straight to the Yahoo Image Search itself by
    clicking here.

  • Iconza - This is a nice site that lets you customise a set of icons for use with your MLE or school blog.

  • Free Vector Download - This site lets you download royalty free vector images.