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Install my Mobile App

Please note: If you are looking for other free mobile apps which can be used to enhance education and training then please click here.

f you have an Android mobile phone, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad you can now download a free Paul's E-Learning Resources mobile companion app for it.

This app will alert you via push message each time new free tools are added to this site.


It also provides you with:
  • An overview of the advice, coaching and support services surrounding the use of free and open source software which are available to educational establishments, businesses and home users.

  • Easy access to videos featured on our YouTube channel.

  • Easy access to our E-Learning podcasts.

  • The ability to sign up to our daily newsletter, and access previous issues.
Access to an exclusive community wall,where users of the app can share thoughts, ideas and experiences as to how they use technology to 'work smarter'.
  • One click dialling and emailing to PaulsElearning.com to request a quote for our services.
You can also try it out using the live demo on the right of this page.

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Make your own app...

If you'd like to make your own app, then you may like to check out iBuildApp - as it allows you to build an Android and iOS app for free (although you will still need to pay Google and Apple some money to publish your app in their respective app stores.

...or let me make it & pop it onto the app store for you!

Alternatively, if you'd like me to make your app for you, and then host it on the app store for a fraction of the price on my developer channel then please drop me a line for a friendly chat and no obligation quote.