Screen Sharing

On this page you will find resources that let you share your screen with other people, so they can see on their computer screen what you can see on your computer screen.  

N.B If you wish to interact with a group of students over the web you may also you may also wish to take a look at the Desktop Video Conferencing page, click here to view it.


    This is a great sit that lets others see your screen, straight from their web browser.

    Student's can also download a free mobile app so they can watch your presentations on their mobile device!

  • Screen Hero

    Similar to, this lets multiple users interact with your screen, giving each user there own colour coded mouse pointer.

  • Screen Leap

  • Skype Screen Sharing

    If you and the person who needs to see your screen both have Skype then you can make use of Skype's in built Screen sharing feature
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