File Converters

Sometimes you or your students will need to convert files into a different format - the most common example of this is a student saving their work in a Microsoft works document format at home (*.wps) and then not being able to open it on Microsoft Word within the school/college/university.  

Another might be that you wish to convert a Microsoft Word file into a PDF file before you make it available for others to view.

The link below will take you to a comprehensive list of file converters, both on and off-line, that will convert just about any file you have into the format you need - just click on the link below to get started.

What I use
  • Zamzar - Converts just about anything to anything.
  • Format Factory (Windows) - If I need to convert multimedia files on a Windows machine then this is my 1st port of call.
  • Media Converter - If I'm on my mac & need to convert multimedia files then I'll use this.