Microsoft Office Training & Support

Please note:  I do not recommend that Office documents (*.doc, *.xlsx etc)  are placed on a VLE for students to download because games consoles and mobile phones and cannot run MS Office and so any students using such platforms to access your learning materials online wont be able to view your Office files.  

For maximum accessibility I strongly recommend you upload your Office files to a site like Google Docs which will then convert them into a 'web friendly' format so that anyone with a web browser can view the file(s) in question. 

Google Docs can also be used by students to generate Office documents, thus saving them form the expense of having to purchase Microsoft Office for their own PCs.

On this page I have put a link to Microsoft's own online guides as they provide comprehensive training and support for all products in the Office suite, you shouldn't really need to go anywhere else:

Teacher Resources

Microsoft has put together a site specifically for educators using Office.
Keyboard Shortcuts

You may also find it useful to install efficiency, a free piece of software that will teach you all of the handy keyboard shortcuts for Office and windows that will allow you to work more efficiently.

Training Courses

Microsoft also offers a suite of free, comprehensive training courses in it's most popular products, click on the link below to access them:
Download free guidebooks

You can download several free PDF books that cover a wide variety of office applications from BookBoon.