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Services & pricing

Because all of the software we advocate is free and open source, you only ever pay for our time, which is rounded up to the nearest hour and includes any travel, preparation or administration time which is required.  This will always be included in your initial quote so there are no nasty surprises.

All of our services are fully customisable and can be tailored to meet your precise needs, please contact us to discuss your requirements & we will create a bespoke package for you. 

About our coaching workshops

The decision to integrate technology into your working practices means getting comfortable and confident with the software.

All of our workshops are :

  • Tailored to your specific needs.
  • Suitable for all members of your workforce irrespective of their prior technical experience or knowledge.
  • Aimed at using free and open source technology for business purposes.
  • Able to be delivered on-line or within your place of work using your own computers.
  • Supported by a secure Google site, created just for you, giving your staff 24/7 access to all resources & materials related to your project.
Below you will see a list of the most popular sessions which we run, each can be delivered as either a half day seminar or a full day workshop.  Both types of session can be delivered on site, using your computer equipment, or online, allowing your staff to access the session via any internet enabled device, such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet computer.

  • Workshops give delegates the opportunity to go 'hands on' with the tools being showcased & are suitable for up to 15 individuals.

  • Seminars signpost various free tools and how they can be used & are suitable for as many staff as you can fit into a room. They do not provide any 'hands on' time with the tools being showcased.

If you cannot see a session which meets your needs then please do get in touch as we can create a custom session tailored around the individual needs of your institution and its staff.

Need results fast?

If you don't have the time to make use of the free tools we identify for you and need quick solutions, then we are also happy to use the same tools and do the work for you via our 'Do IT for you' development service.  As the work will be done using the same free and open source tools we recommend, you'll be able to modify or tweak the work as you see fit, any time you wish.

Support packages

All clients are provided with a complementary private project website, powered by Google sites, which contains all of the resources, materials and any other relevant documentation relating to the project, workshop or seminar which we have delivered.

In addition to this free website, we also offer the following support services enabling
 you to pick and choose those which best meet your needs:

 Whilst we will always endeavour to find free and open source tools and technologies which meet your requirements, there may be the odd occasion where the premium (i.e. Non free) version of a particular tool would better meet your needs.  The purchase of paid for licenses is not included in the prices quoted above.  In such cases, should you wish to make use of the premium version of a free tool you would be required to purchase the appropriate license from the software vendor themselves.

** Delivered on your premises and using your own computer equipment.  For every hour of teaching or training which is required, an additional one hour of preparation time will also be charged for.  For on-site training, the time required to physically travel to your location and any overnight accommodation costs will also be included in any quote provided.

ᵠ All prices include VAT.  Prices exclude travel time and fees, accommodation costs or road toll fees.  Any additional time required for travelling  to and from your site or  any other cost incurred, such as overnight accommodation or road toll fees, will always be included in your initial quote though, so there are no nasty surprises.

Please see our Full Terms and Conditions for more information.