Year 5

On this page you'll find links to all of the materials and resources used to teaching computing to the Year 5 classes in the school.

Topic 1: Designing & Making your own game

For this topic, children will learn how to make their own video games.

Topic 2: An Introduction to Algorithms

For this topic, children will learn what Algorithms are, and design one of their own that describes an everyday task, such as  getting ready for school in the morning.
Once this has been done we then move onto creating simple algorithms to guide a robot through a maze.  Children work in pairs so solve the three mazes and then design their own for their partner to solve.
Once they have completed this, children will then move onto complete 'The Hour of Code' challenge from

Topic 3: An introduction to Scratch

Hello & welcome to Scratch!

Scratch is a free bit of software that you can download and play with at home, as well as in school, to make cartoons & games.

In this first lesson, we are going to make an animation about something you have learned about in class.
Let's get started!

Step 1: Delete that cat!

Click on the scissors icon and then click on the cat to delete himIn Scratch, characters and objects are called "sprites". 

You can delete a sprite by clicking on the scissors and then clicking on the sprite.

Question: Can you find another way to delete a sprite?

Step 2: Add some sprites!

There are 4 ways to add a sprite to your card, watch the video below to learn more

Step 3: Bring your sprite(s) to life!

Bring your sprites to life by adding instructions (a.k.a. computer code) that tell the sprites what to do. 

With Scratch, your sprites can dance, sing, jump, talk, fly, and much more. 

Now, let's play with the blocks in the different categories to see what each one does.

Step 4: Add a background image

Now lets add a background picture (called a 'backdrop') for your sprites to stand in front of:

Topic 4: Making your first game

For this topic, children will apply what they have learned in Topic 1 to create their first game in Scratch, a recreation of the game 'Pong'.
Children will be invited to remix the game in the following ways:
  • Change what the ball looks like.
  • Change the score if the ball touches the paddle.
  • Add music that plays when the green flag is clicked.
  • Add another ball using the duplicate tool
  • Increase the speed of the ball each time it hits the paddle.

Topic 5: An introduction to Kodu

For this topic, children will progress onto making 3D games in Kodu, another free software tool.