On this page you'll find links to all of the materials and resources used to teaching computing to the Reception class in the school.

An introduction to Scratch

For this topic, children will learn how to use the Scratch Sprite painter to draw characters on the screen and then use these characters to create a digital puppet show, to tell a story chosen by their class teacher.

Alternatively, pupils can draw/paint characters on paper and these can be scanned in to use as digital puppets.

Making Digital Art

For this topic the children paint pictures using Tux Paint - each week they create pictures based upon whichever story they have been reading in class that week.

Making & Solving Digital Jigsaw Puzzles

For this topic, children will solve and then create digital Jigsaw puzzles using free online tools.  The number of pieces in each puzzle can be adjusted to suit each child's ability level.

Developing Mouse Skills

For this topic children will begin to use the mouse to operate the computer using a variety of activities:

Making Music online

In these lessons, children will use two free online music making programmes to make some songs of their own:

Making 3D Art

Here Children will be introduced to Kodu and they will use some of it's Land Sculpting tools to make a virtual 3D world.