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An introduction to Bar Graphs

This lesson was designed and delivered to Key Stage 1 pupils at Jubilee Primary School in Nottingham as part of our Computing 123 service to schools.

This web page has been created to allow parents and other teachers to view the lesson and keep using the free software that was used with the pupils both at home and within the school itself.

In this lesson we are going to answer a question by collecting, organising and analysing data.

We will be using the computers to draw a bar chart and by the end of the lesson you will know what each part of the bar chart represents and be able to make bar charts of your own using a computer, in school or at home.

Your challenge...

Your challenge is to answer a question... What question, should we ask?

What we need to do

  • Decide on a question e.g. What was the most popular school dinner this week?
  • Answer our question by voting
  • Pick a 'Tally Master' - This person will collect and record the data on a flip chart
  • Make our chart!

Click here to launch the bar chart maker