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[Computing 123 Day] Foxwood Academy

The following contains links and resources for the content we will be covering on the first Computing 123 day at Foxwood.

All of the software and tools listed are free.

Sessions 1 & 4: An introduction to programming. 

These are structured sessions with two Key Stage 3 classes completed using iPads in the classroom.

Depending on the numbers of iPads available to pupils, we may want to consider installing all of these apps on the iPads and then setting challenges to the pupils, allowing them to pick and choose which apps they use first.

All of them teach the same concepts with varying levels of flexibility and thus complexity, I've listed them in order of progression which I think they should go - however feel free to disagree! I'm not precious about any of this :) 

Pupils complete the coding challenges set in each app, working at their own pace.  

Guidance will be provided to the whole group at the start of each session and then on an ad-hoc basis as needed on a one to one basis.  Pupils who complete all of the coding challenges on one pp will then move onto the next app in the list shown below.

Apps will need to be pre-installed on all class iPads before the session.  

You may also want to give each pupil some headphones for using the apps as they call have sound feedback.
  1. Kodable  | Click here to view the teacher notes
  2. Cargo Bot | Click here to view a video overview for teachers
  3. Daisy the Dinosaur | Click here to watch a video overview for teachers
The following apps can be used in later lessons, however they do require a certain level of literacy and so you may decide to hold off using these with pupils until you feel that their literacy skills are sufficiently developed.

Staff Sessions

Session 2: Round table discussion with staff re: The deployment of school iPads and sharing of information and data between them and other school technology

Session 3: Afternoon workshop with Primary teaching staff re: Introducing Programming into KS1 & KS2